live image to boot from USB

Our services now are much easier to deploy. We have prepared a live boot image with recent Debian Linux system. To make it running please proceed with following steps:
1. Download zip file
2. Extract zip file to some directory
3. Insert flash drive 512 MB size or more. Please acknowledge that the drive will be overwritten.
4. Run disk image utility provided in zip file
5. Select safevpn_net-usb-mbr.img as a source image and flash drive letter as a target and proceed.
Afterwards you’ll have USB drive ready for booting. Make sure you have internet cable plugged in ethernet adapter of your PC. After booting with flash drive you’ll see ‘’ icon on the desktop. Run this program to get support PIN displayed. Send this support PIN to our personnel so we’ll be able to proceed with installation of the service remotely. Don’t close the window with PIN nor interrupt your PC somehow.

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