VoIP Traffic Saver for VPN accounts

SafeVPN.net introduces a completely new product that will allow to significantly reduce traffic usage for a VPN connection that is used to run VoIP traffic. We were already introducing bandwidth optimization for VoIP VPN accounts, also known as “SBO” which was doing voice codec and transport protocol optimizations to reduce traffic usage, however these manipulations were affecting voice quality and some line monitoring parameters, like post dial delay (PDD).

The new service does not alter voice traffic itself so it’s being delivered “as is” to the client side. All traffic manipulations are being done at a transport level of VPN protocol. It is based on well known OpenVPN with our modifications made to the code.
The main difference of our new service from so called ‘SBO’ is that the service provided with VPN security, which is missing in SBO services. All traffic is encrypted and tunnelled, which makes impossible for 3rd parties to observe it.
The other important benefit of VoIP Traffic Saver is deep packet inspection (DPI) protection. Several countries are affected by constant VoIP business disruptions caused by internet service providers using DPI hardware equipment. VoIP Traffic Saver mangles encrypted traffic, randomly changes packet sizes, so it will look like a raw stream of random UDP traffic on DPI equipment. The VPN will stealthily establish a connection so the DPI equipment won’t be able to catch the protocol marks or labels. This will reduce possibilities to interrupt VoIP communication business by unauthorized third parties.
With our new service users can run around 64 voice channels on g.729 codec with only 512 kbps. We made tests on 5 Mbit voice stream (around 600 channel simultaneously) and the service is running flawlessly.
If you wish to evaluate the service, please contact us.
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UPDATE 2015/07/11: VPN with VoIP traffic saver now works on DD-WRT routers!

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