Load balancing for VoIP VPN accounts

SafeVPN.net now offering internet line load balancing for VoIP VPN accounts. This new kind of setup will allow to share two or more internet connections on one PC to run VPN. Currently we offer only PC-based solution, router-based installations aren’t supported, but we are working on implementation.
In order to get the service running each internet connection should be set on different subnet (for example, the router for connection 1 will run on, so the router for connection 2 should run on any different subnet, like Both routers should be accessible on the LAN to which the PC connected.
For setting up load balancing service we’ll need login that PC remotely and make remote installation. Since it requires manual operation, we charge remote setup fee. The price for installation may be different and depends on the operating system running on the PC. Do not hesitate to contact us to get a quote.

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