VoIP VPN accounts on DD-WRT routers

SafeVPN.net is now offering VoIP VPN configuration files for DD-WRT routers. Bear in mind that not every DD-WRT router has OpenVPN client, which is necessary for running VoIP VPN account. We can recommend following routers that have firmware with OpenVPN support:

  • Linksys E-series models.
  • Asus RT-N10 and RT-N16, some WL-series models.

There is always a possibility to check if router model is listed in DD-WRT router database. There should be a firmware with vpn, openvpn, big or mega tags, otherwise it may not support OpenVPN. We do not recommend to choose routers with CPU frequency less than 400 MHz. CPU power is needed to provide encryption with no latency, otherwise it may decrease voice quality and number of voice channels forwarded at the same time.
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