VoIP VPN accounts

SafeVPN.net provides VPN accounts for VoIP traffic tunnelling. This account is usually needed for VoIP termination and forwarding of VoIP traffic between VoIP server and regular or mobile lines over the VPN. It allows to assign VPN IP directly on the device. You DO NOT need this account if you wish to run VoIP applications on your PC – our generic VPN accounts allow VoIP traffic.

VoIP VPN accounts are selectable on VPN order page.
Before you start, please choose which kind of account you wish to order.

Decide how many IPs needed

First, you need to decide how many IP addresses you need to purchase. 1 account provides 1 IP by default, but VoIP VPN account can provide you more than one IP address so you may assign it on several devices. If you run just one device, you don’t need extra IPs. With two devices you need two IPs – one that comes with VPN account and one extra for second device, etc.

IP delivery method – route or bridge?

There are two options of IP delivery available – bridged or routed IPs.
In most cases you may wish to choose bridged mode, since it’s a more flexible account type. IPs can be purchased one by one in bridged mode – 1, 2, 3, etc. You can add more IPs later also.
Bridged connection should be created on a PC or router which connects to VPN between VPN adapter and LAN connection. Bridging is available on both, Windows and Linux OS. OpenVPN in UDP mode is used to create tunnel.
There is no possibility to purchase single IP for routed option, the subnet is needed in this case.
It will be routed to VPN endpoint and will have a fixed number of IPs. The minimal configuration is /30 subnet (netmask 1 IP from that subnet will be assigned to VPN endpoint to act as a default gateway for the second IP from that subnet which needs to be assigned on VoIP device. If you need more IPs, then you need to order 2nd subnet or change to larger one. The next one is /29 (netmask which will allow up to 5 IPs for VoIP termination devices. Here is the table of subnets and the number of IPs:

Subnet prefix Subnet netmask Number of VPN IPs available for VoIP devices
/30 1
/29 5
/28 13
/27 29
/26 61
/25 125
/24 253

Routed option will allow to choose between OpenVPN UDP and IPIP mode tunnels.
In most cases OpenVPN is a preferred solution, since it provides encryption and may be configured behind NAT router and on dynamic IP.

IPIP tunnel has following restrictions:

Requires static IP on both VPN endpoints, won’t work on dynamic IP.
No encryption provided.
Not compatible with Windows.
Require additional IP to run on the server.

However, IPIP tunnels have following advantages:

Compatible with Mikrotik Router OS.
Compatible with routers that run Linux.
Compatible with some other routers.
Consume less bandwidth.

Additional IP for remote listener.

Sometimes ISP blocks some ports and protocols. It may make account unusable on default port of the account. In this case additional IP may be required to configure the account on some certain port that may work. The IP address on the server will be assigned for this VPN account only, so any port will be available for VPN intercommunication. We advise to contact live support and check if this option is needed during the purchase or just ignore it – there will be a possibility to order this IP later if needed. This option is mandatory for IPIP VPN and is optional for OpenVPN.

Remote installation

In some cases we are able to provide setup at no charge – on Windows it’s pretty easy to configure bridge connection but VPN may act a bit slower than on Linux. Remote setup on Linux PC or router is more complicated and will carry a remote setup fee in case the client can’t make it. We’ll be able to make all necessary configuration remotely.

Recommended software:

We recommend to choose Debian GNU/Linux distribution in case VPN will run on a PC. It is suitable for both, OpenVPN and IPIP tunnels.
IPIP accounts can run on Mikrotik Router OS.

SafeVPN.net VoIP VPN router

SafeVPN.net can provide a setup of VoIP VPN account on Asus RT-N16 router. We provide the setup using our custom build of openwrt firmware. It supports both, OpenVPN and IPIP tunnels.
We can also send worldwide a pre-configured router with EMS post, DHL, Fedex, TNT and UPS courier services. Check VoIP VPN router article for more information.

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