VoIP VPN Router

SafeVPN.net offers VPN routers capable to run VoIP VPN accounts. We made a custom build of OpenWRT firmware for Asus RT-N16 router which will allow operation of the account. It will allow you to run both, OpenVPN and IPIP VoIP VPN accounts.

The router configured by us may connect to the internet directly. We shall setup router’s WAN port to use DHCP by default, but it may utilize other ways of internet connection – with the static IP, PPPoE, or even PPTP. It’s also possible to connect internet using 3G modems connected to router’s USB port. The primary router, 3G or ADSL modem should be changed to bridging mode in this case. This will improve VPN performance and reduce possible issues.
We usually setup the router to provide VPN connection on all LAN ports, but there is also a possibility to change this, so some of them will utilize VPN connection, while others will use just ISP connection.
We can post a router with Experess Mail (EMS) or any other courier service (like DHL, FedEx, TNT or UPS) of your choice to any country. If someone prefers to purchase the router on local market, then we can make a remote setup on this router (remote setup fees will apply in this case).
We can support any other router that meets following requirements:
– 480+ MHz CPU.
– 16+ Mb flash memory.
– compatibility with OpenWRT firmware.
Contact us if you have any interest in purchasing VoIP VPN router or wish us to configure it on your side.
We send routers with 1 year warranty and fully tested. A period of 7 days refund guarantee is available for testing, so you may get 100% refund in case the router won’t match your expectations.
Check this article for more information on VoIP VPN accounts.

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