SafeVPN PPTP connection on Boxee Box

Follow this setup example to configure PPTP VPN connection on your D-link Boxee Box device so can stream US content.

Boxee Box PPTP Settings

SafeVPN allow users PPTP connection without encryption. We recommend use this solution for Boxee Box.
You don’t need extra security for streaming and this will be much faster for you.
Go to Settings -> Network -> VPN

Connection Type: PPTP
Server: your server IP address, you can check correct details in Customer Area
Account: Your Username
Password: Your Password
Encryption required: Disabled (Unchecked).

However you can configure VPN as PPTP with encryption. This way you need use correct server IP for encryption connection(can check correct one in Customer Area) and enable encryption on Boxee setting

Boxee Box configure VPN to stream US content

Change DNS

Some services can detect your location using DNS servers. So we recommend set DNS manually
Under Settings -> Network set DNS as
You can also contact support to get correct DNS server settings for your server location.
Boxee Box change DNS to stream US content

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