Windows Vista OpenVPN setup example

1. Download OpenVPN client software at
We need Windows Installer, last release 2.2.2 will be fine. Save file on your disk

2. Save file and open folder with downloaded OpenVPN software

3. Right mouse click on OpenVPN installation file and Run as administrator

4. Press Next to start OpenVPN client installation and I Agree to continue.

5. Again click Next to continue.

6. During installation Windows can ask if we need install device software
This is VPN connection driver. You should choose Install option, other way OpenVPN will not work for you

7. Press Next to continue.

8. Click on Finish button to finish OpenVPN client install.

9. You should have OpenVPN GUI icon on desktop now.
Right mouse click on OpenVPN GUI icon and choose Properties

10. Under Compatibility tab need check option Run this program as administrator

11. Now we need add configuration files for OpenVPN client. In Customer Area you should have link to “Windows setup script”, click on this link and choose Safe file option
If you don’t have such link please contact support!

12. Confirm file saving

13. Find downloaded file on your computer.
Right mouse click and choose option Run as administrator.

14. Confirm and allow installation.

15. You should get successful message about files update.
OpenVPN configured – you’re start!

16. We are ready to connect VPN now. Start OpenVPN GUI using desktop icon.
Once OpenVPN GUI started you should see OpenVPN icon in tray (near clock)

17. To connect OpenVPN right mouse click on OpenVPN icon in tray(near clock), choose Destiantion and click Connect


19. Once OpenVPN connected you will see successfull message and OpenVPN icon in tray(near clock) should have green lights.
Once you have such green lights – you’re connected to SafeVPN! You have our IP now and can feel safe.
By pointing mouse on OpenVPN icon you can see status of connection and IP address.

20. To disconnect OpenVPN right mouse click on OpenVPN icon in tray(near clock), choose Destiantion and click Disconnect.

21. To close OpenVPN use Exit option
You can connect/disconnect VPN once you need or can keep it connected 24×7. No limits!
Please note if you reboot or power on computer will need connect VPN again

If you find this tutorial hard or find any issues please contact live support team.
We always ready to help you and configure remotely for you!

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