MAC OS X OpenVPN Tunnelblick setup example

Tunnelblick is a graphical open source VPN client for Mac OS X. Fully compatible with OS X 10.4 – 10.7 (“Tiger”, “Leopard”, “Snow Leopard”, and “Lion”). It provides easy control of SafeVPN connections.
1. Download Tunnelblick from official website
we recommend use stable release. Once download launch Tunnelblick.

2. Double click on Tunnelblick icon to install application.

3. Confirm installation by pressing Open button

4. Provide your MAC password to authorize the installation

5. Tunnelblick installed, click on Launch button and continue

6. On next dialog choose option “I have configuration files”

7. Next choose “Open Private Configuration Folder”

8. Paste your configuration files to the folder. Once added files click Done button
You can always get configuration files in Customer Area

9. You can see Tunnelblick icon in menu bar now. Mouse click on it and you will see option to connect.
Lets try connection now.

10. During connection Tunnelblick will ask for Username and Password.
Put your SafeVPN Username and Password (you can always find them in Customer Area)
During connection you can see status in left top corner of the screen.

11. Check option Save in Keychain if you want save details so no need enter it every connection.

12. The connection will be active as long as you do not end it or log out of your computer.
Putting your computer to sleep or loosing Internet connection will result in Tunnelblick’s attempt to re-establish the connection automatically.
To Disconnect VPN use disconnect option under Tunnelblick icon.

13. Next time to launch Tunnelblick start it from Applications then just connect SafeVPN

If you find this tutorial hard or find any issues please contact live support team.
We always ready to help you and configure remotely for you!

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